Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nothing much to say.

Except some hello's.

Hi there:
Augusta, Georgia
Norton, Alabama
La Rochelle, France
Goteborg, Sweeden
Baltimore, Maryland (Capt. Ryan is that you?)
Lagos, Nigeria!


  1. You are just so popular. But I knew that already by looking at your yearbook pictures...

  2. Be prepared to receive the crewing deal of a lifetime by email soon but first you've got to send 3000 dollars to a Nigerian bank account.
    he he he.

  3. Do whatever Overboard says. It's worth the $3000. I will always vouch for her. She won't steer you wrong (more than three times).

    On a "shout out" tour, you can never forget to shout out to Los Angeles - home of the shallow. Besides, this is god's country over here.

    Be happy.

  4. I gave you a shout out Brian! It was right when I got the new map and you showed up, I'm shouting out to everyone just one time, the first time they show up, otherwise I would be blogging nothing but hello's! :) You know how busy I am over here lounging around and everything... lol!

    Hahahahaaaaa Heather! Yeah, I was voted "most likely to get knocked up in the back seat of a broke down car".

    Maria, I am waiting on that email... ;) Do they take a check?HA!

  5. Jolea, I got ya covered on that $3000... I'm about to get $1,000,000 from a long lost relative who just so happens to be a prince in Nigeria AND also has connections in real estate in the Virgin Islands, oh and he and his wife are preachers. It's probably him checking your blog.