Saturday, December 13, 2008

Key West is callin' me!

Today I had an influx of old KW buddies on facebook. One old roommate/coworker and one old manager and guess what? They were both married and had babies now! LOL. Suckers. Just kidding (not really) they are nice guys. Both have moved away from KW like all smart people do. That is my old roomie Samantha dancing with "Santa" the number one bum on Duval St. Afterwards the bartenders at the Flying Monkey dragged her into the bar and wiped her whole body down with Purell! LOL!

Courtney is planning a road trip to KW on my Birthday next Saturday if I'm not working. Oh my! I better be working. :)

Well I am so excited I can't sleep!!!

Talking to my old roommate tonight made me really thirsty for a White Russian. YUM! We used to drink a lot of those, while playing Power Hour, while watching the Guns n' Roses music videos DVD. :) Ahhhh the good ole days....
That's me doing a keg stand in a skirt....
I wouldn't relive it for anything.

Trying to get situated for sleep now. Had a good laugh while thinking of the crazy things we used to do in KW.

Lights off, under the covers, Craig Ferguson on TV, oh crap. Where's my phone?
It's probably in mom's room. Shit. Now I have to get out of my cozy position and get it so I can set my alarm! GRRRR...

Ok got it.

This is the most boring post in the history of posts. I will go back and insert some pictures to liven things up a bit...This is me spring break, South Padre Island, TX 2007 I LOVE the dunes.

Ok. Gotta go! Time to sleep. Really.


  1. My wife made a Taco Ring tonight, kinda following your instructions. I am full and happy. Thanx!

  2. Bon Voyage to Fla. Everything will turn out fine. Opportunities galore await you.

  3. p.s The leader in the Vendee got dismasted the other day. And a Brit is now in 2nd place.
    Tee hee.
    Not that I give a fuck about being 'British'.
    I hope the Jamaican wins.

  4. It sounds like tons of opportunities over there. You may have missed one or two, but I'd be encouraged by the volume!

  5. Jamacan can`t win as he`s not in a bob sleigh! :o)) sorry Jamaica I hope you win too, Show the world man!!! I guess the skipper is a man?shows how much I know :o((

  6. I want one of the chicks to win. Go chicks! Or Raphael Dinelli - is he still in it?
    Oops - tangent.
    Go Jolea!!
    A trip to KW might be fun for a day (that's as long as we could stand the tourists...) and the dunes are cool - they look like Santa Maria Bay and Mag Bay!
    Enjoy - safe flight and GOOD LUCK :)

  7. Have a great trip and a good time at the bars!!