Friday, December 12, 2008


M/Y Muchos Mas just called... she said the owner wanted them to hire someone today so she had to. She said she was really sorry and wanted to keep my CV on file just in case, she also said that she was very impressed with my resume and with our chat we had and she would definately pass my CV on to an other yachts if it was o.k. with me. She really sounded genuinely upset that she had to hire someone without even getting to talk to me on Monday. Damn. I guess I wont be jamming out to "In your eyes" by Peter Gabriel on my iPod any time soon. (wink wink Maria and Mom!) Oh well... I have a bad feeling that the other yacht will hire someone today too... I should have gone last Saturday instead of being scared to leave! Fuck!

I am really bummed out now. It's ok... I still have M/Y Wanderlust on the list... Do you guys remember that I worked on a sailboat with the same name last year? It was the worst job ever. The captain of this one sounds cool though. Hope I get that job...

And, in other bummer news, I got an email from my agent in Lauderdale telling me that the S/Y Avalon has hired someone. So that's off the list too. I may have really screwed myself by not going to Ft. Lauderdale sooner.

I am packing my bags. Trying to evenly distribute the weight between the two bags and carry as little in my backpack as possible.

Courtney called from Lauderdale to tell me that my room is all ready for me and she will pick me up in the Beemer... I could barely get a word in edgewise, she was talking a million miles an hour, walking the dogs on the beach on the way to the gym drinking a cappuccino! I was exhausted after talking to her! LOL But she said the apartment is walking distance to the area of town called Las Olas, which is like the main drag where all the shopping and bars and cafe's are. So, if I can't find a yacht I can always bartend.
Las Olas below:

I am still looking forward to being there but I am really bummed out about Muchos Mas, now I have to wait for the other boat to call me this weekend and let me know if he wants to meet me on Monday. I don't even have his email or phone number because my phone doesn't show me who's calling! GRRRRRR!

I am drinking a Dr. Pepper. I haven't had one in a while because they are pure sugar! I wish I had a couple dozen beers.


  1. "Seattle" HeatherDecember 12, 2008 at 6:04 PM

    For shits sake Jo those are not the only yachts in Lauderdale!! So quit being so down on yourself and negative! Just get your butt out there! Put that smile on your face, get it out there that you're in town and swing that red hair of yours over your shoulder and I'm sure they'll be lining up! :-) And if that doesn't work you could always try this approach! BETTER SIGN OF TIMES
    Keep your chin up! Everything is going to be fine! Don't forget the sunscreen!

  2. HAHA Thank you Heather! I know! I'm just freaking out a little! I AM MOVING TO LAUDERDALE TOMORROW!!! OMG I SHOULD BE EXCITED! I am. I am I will just go ahead and visit all my agents like I have planned and once they meet me they will HAVE to place me... they will want me out of their hair!!! LOL

  3. "Seattle" HeatherDecember 12, 2008 at 6:31 PM

    Everyone will love you! Have a great flight! I hope no one smelly sits next to you! And no kids kick your seat! (I always have such luck) You're gonna do great! :-)
    I'm envious you're going towards sunshine...we're supposed to get snow this weekend! BRRRRR! Anyways back to you---You just have to get there, just like your contact said. So its all gonna work out! Repeat after me..."I'm gonna kick a$$" LOL :-)

  4. UGH! I had the SMELLIEST guy in the world sit next to me on the flight home from Seattle... I mean, I actually had to put my face in my neck pillow to breathe, and he kept trying to talk to me and asked me why I wasn't smiling!!! I wanted to tell him he smelled like ass but I just smiled and said, oh I just don't like Dallas....

    blah! I have a good connection tomorrow, only a 1 hour flight into Houston then non stop to Lauderdale. I am busy downloading music now so I have lots of good jams. :)

    Courtney has planned a big Welcome to Lauderdale party for me, so if I'm not in a better mood by tonight I will be by tomorrow night!!!

  5. p.s. I love that you said "for shits sake" in one comment then "Im gonna kick a$$" in another. You nut! :)

  6. Hang in there. Maybe Muchos Mas was a no go because there's something better for you in store once you get there.
    From one unemployed chick to another. ;)

  7. I concur with Duder. Anyway, Michael Jackson is overrated.

  8. Hey, I'm pretty much unemployed too...
    We had our boat RIGHT near that area in Fort Liquordale - left it there until it got lifted on the freighter and headed to the Pacific. Fun town - some good food and LOADS and LOADS of big boats. We were a mini boat there. You'll find a good one!