Friday, December 12, 2008

Need something to make you say "WTF?!?!" this morning?

Click HERE for the worst hotel(motel) in America! I am flabbergasted at the reviews!!! OMG WTF?! I got the link from the Upgrade: Travel Better blog. Whew! I can't believe there are actually people out there that behave this way! It's people like this Hotel owner that give the South a bad name. What a shet bag!

In other news: I am up SO early. I woke up at like 5:30am. But, I went to bed at like 10:30pm last night so it makes sense. I am usually up till 3 or 4am. It's almost 8 now and I think i will cook some pigs in a blanket at 8:30 or 9. Dad loves those. Unfortunately Dad's throat is starting to hurt him. The radiation is almost half over but it's finally starting to make it hard for him to eat because of the pain. Maybe I can make some gravy for him to pour over them to make them mushy and easier to swallow. Hmm... How do I make gravy? The white kind with pepper in it. I am guessing... Bacon grease (the number one ingredient in my life), flour, salt, pepper, milk. I will try it.

Fingers crossed that those yachts don't find anyone to hire today so I can have my shot on Monday!!!

You wanna see something funny?This is Kip. He is a Fennec Fox, and my new roommate in Ft. Lauderdale. LOL I can't wait to play with him!!!


  1. He is adorable.
    Right. I'm moving to Ft L too.
    Meet ya there. But I get to sleep with Kip.

  2. YAY! Ha ha! Dude... I once saw a video of a fox attacking a grown man who was carrying groceries, and he had to beat it off with a loaf of bread. You can sleep with the fox.


  3. look at those ears!!! Isn´t there a law against having "wild" animals as pets??

  4. Don't think so... LOL at least not in Texas. I think the only thing you can't have as a pet is a Lion or big cat.

    Tiny desert foxes are ok... :)

  5. Wow, a hotel so bad the Orville Faubus family want their name disassociated with it. Now I remember why I never want to travel in the Deep South.

    Gravy: You can use bacon fat, or butter or margarine (I go with butter), but start with a paste of flour and fat in the pan over low heat, then add your milk or water a little at a time, using a whisk to get it smooth. Then season it. Works every time for me. To make a cheese sauce, add the grated cheese after the milk.

    Such a cute little fox, wonder how they behave? Looking forward to hearing about him.

  6. "All the better to hear you with my dear...." Can't you imagine waking up in the middle of the night with that in you face! He's so funny looking.

  7. He'd make a good hat.

  8. Mark said it looked like chupacabraj