Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Morning dudes!

Personal assistant day in progress! Already got all the stuff moved around so the carpet guys can do their thing, now I have to go to the bank to deposit some money and then pay some bills for Courtney and call some of her clients to schedule some work outs! Woo hoo! I feel productive and she really did have too much on her plate this week. I am happy to help.

Woah! I forgot how completely INSANE South Floridians are. Two beheadings on the news this morning!!! One was a goose that lived on a golf course and the other was an 8 year old boy! And... a 4 year old broke into a convenience store. Not kidding.

I has a friend....This is Tiki. He is my buddy. I am also dog sitting and dog walking today. The other dog is a big dog named Dania. She is a bit shy but I will try to get a picture of her today.
Got one!

Ok. I think its about time to call some clients.


  1. dooby dooby dooby dooo so cute little doggies thank you.....
    time to it the sack
    very excited
    but i think he missed connection
    awww but the doggies, thank you

  2. So I guess you have shown the little one who is the Alpha in the house?

  3. the little one scares me so the jury is out... but the big one... what a gorgeous dog.. love her.