Tuesday, December 16, 2008

GREAT interview!

I just got back from my interview over at Sportable Crew! Suzanne was so sincere and nice and really asked me some good questions. Very specific questions. Then asked how comfortable I was with spanish. Hmmm.... I am very comfortable around spanish speaking people, most of my best friends in the past have been Mexican and their families have taken me in as their little white girl. I love it. Good food. Anyways, back on the subject, Suzanne thinks she has a boat for me. She is pitching me to the Captain tonight and I should know something tomorrow! Fingers crossed! No, wait, we have to start crossing something else because the fingers aren't working! Anyway, if it works out I will be flying to St. Martin by the end of the week. OMG PLEASE!!!!!!!

Not much else to say as I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Oh hell I'm just gonna tell ya the info anyway... I have nothing else to do!
The boat does winter in the Carib. and Summer in the Med. 88 feet long. One stew. deck, chef, engineer and Capt. Thats all I really know. Except for the other stuff that I don't feel like typing because I have really bad cramps and I just wanna throw up.

They need someone by Christmas day because that's when the family comes to the boat. Obviously I would need to be there before then so time is of the essence. Everyone on board is Mexican and South American. I would be the only American. But, she says everyone speaks english but I bet you a thousand bucks they don't speak it if they don't have to. So basically I should be brushing up on my Spanish. I understand most everything but I just need to work on my speaking. But I told her I wouldn't feel uncomfortable in that situation. I won't.

Oh my, I really hope I get the job.


  1. wow, I am just realising that there is a whole world out there that I don´t know about. I don´t think that I have ever met anyone that has a job like that. Going out into the unknown with a bunch of folk that you know nothing about.. love it... amazing.. hope it all works out. Caribean and then med.. lovely!!!!

  2. You'll be fine... The Spanish will come back, remember in Savannah... you were just rattling up a storm with that guy in the restaurant.

  3. What a dream job. I hope it's yours and you'll have a wonderful time. Listen to some Spanish radio meanwhile, that'll help.

  4. BTW, that picture on top of our Log of the s/v Clarity? It's Kris in St Maarten!

    That's gotta be good luck. Go rub it a couple of times. God knows enough people do from the comments I get.


  5. St Marts! Cool! Fingers etc crossed

    Already think that air ticket was an excellent investment.

    Christmas might come early :)

  6. Fingers crossed!
    (Won't be crossing any legs for a while though. Evil roar)

  7. "Seattle" HeatherDecember 17, 2008 at 11:15 PM

    As always hoping that this boat is yours! So how hot did you say Florida was? I'm sitting in 12 inches of snow. Bah hum bug! Wishing you all the best Jolea!

  8. There are some online translators. You may want to go ahead and put in phrases and words you know you will need and practice. Most importantly... margarita = margarita!

  9. Ordering las bebidas is no problema for Jolea.... una mas cerveza, por favor.