Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back to speaking english.

They decided to keep their current stew on instead of replacing her. And I am back to speaking english full time.

Courtney took me out to eat last night and we ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Don't worry, I didn't spend any money at all. Some random dude gave me a hundred bucks to play Blackjack with which I lost in about 3 mins. I told him I wasn't having a very good run of luck but he insisted. I played, lost, and walked away from him. Bet he wasn't expecting me to do that. Whatever. I watched in horror as Courtney lost 800 dollars at the Baccarat table. I told her to stop but she just kept on playing. She said you have to play big to win big. I wanted to throw up. She didn't seem to mind it. Amazing.

The weather here is beautiful. I wish I had a job.


  1. That's not what I call fun... makes me ill to loose money like that.

  2. Yikes! Glad you had some restraint. Hope you get another boat bid real soon, that lubber life looks unhealthy.

  3. I'm quite healthy actually, not too sure about everyone else.

  4. $800!!!
    I bitched about quarter slot machines in Vegas. Wouldn't play anything but penny slots and on $10 put in over two days, won $76. But even if lost, $10 not too much to lose.
    But fuck, I would never gamble big time.
    No way.