Thursday, December 18, 2008

UH oh.


This is ridiculous. I'm off to visit another agency this afternoon. I sent my resume to a few more boats who need crew as well. I found out another friend of mine is in town and I think I am going to meet up with him sometime this week too. Maybe he will have some advice for me. Funny thing... He reads Maria's blog too. I didn't know that!

I just can't believe I don't have a job. I have never had trouble getting a job in my life! Never been without a job for more than a week!!!!

I can't even enjoy being in this beautiful town because I am so stressed out.

Courtney already has a lead on another personal trainer job so thats good. Judy wants me to go to Key West this weekend but I just can't afford that. Courtney wants me to go to some big fancy schmancy party in South Beach on Saturday night with her and Nichole but I don't have anything to wear and I don't know if I can handle going to a party where I weigh 40 pounds more than everyone else. Ugh.

Oh gee, another party invite, tonight... but it's a boat people party so I'd better go. You know, my agent at Crew Unlimited told me I should go hang out at Waxy's which is a crew hang out bar, she said it's all about who you know.

Judy wants to hang out tomorrow so maybe we will do that. I am so happy she is in town. Ok gotta go pick up Nichole from her hair appointment. Then its off to the agents.


  1. Oh no! So sorry :(

    Hang in there, something will turn up. Give yourself a treat - and that party is a good networking / information gathering exercise

    Only a month till GWB goes :)

  2. It's slow every where. I eneded up throwing the whole tackle box out just to get a lead. Now I have a ton of crappy jobs. Sheesh Some times it's cheeper NOT to work. M

  3. Hey, don´t worry, it will all happen at the appropriate time, before you know it you will be on THE boat/yacht my sy whatever... as you know i am not crew.. Not too worry. Take it from me - life is good and it will all fall into place and you will think - what the hell (you might say heck) was i worried about... enjoy! that´s the key.

  4. Oh no... she'll say what the hell... she never says heck. I hate that about Courtney... Bet she's regretting that Baccarat table. Oh well everything happens for a reason.

  5. no regrets, but she says she wont be doing that again any time soon.

  6. Things will be fine eventually.
    You are hitting a very slow time, beyond folks needing last minute crew for festive deals.

  7. Oh no! Only consolation is that the bozo that got us into this mess will also be losing his job on Jan 20.

  8. Yeah, Bush will be out of a job pretty soon, too.

    Soooo glad you didn't get sucked into that baccarat table. I know you're feeling broke right now, but just stay focused, it's not like just anybody can do what you do.

  9. It's tough at the moment and lots of people are losing their jobs but you will get what you want if you want it enough. So Focus, with a capital F! The difference between success and failure is attitude. You can do it girl :-)

  10. We (here at school) have decided to save all our old ratty shoes and keep them in the front seat of our cars, so when we see George on the streets of Dallas we can throw shoes at him!

  11. Being unemployed at Christmas rocks, don't it?
    Chin up. You'll find something and hopefully it will be just what you were looking for.
    I'm trying to think positive and believe what your mom says: "everything happens for a reason".

    p.s. Bush is an asshat

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