Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It's going to be the best birthday ever!
I have exhausted myself this week visiting every crew agent in the world. There is nothing left for me to do besides wait.

Judy graduated from her class today and she is officially a Master of Oceans 200 Ton licensed Captain!!!! Oh my gosh do you guys understand how HUGE THAT IS?!?!?! I am so proud of her. I met up with her after she graduated today at this Crew bar called Waxy O'Shannons or something like that and we didn't spend any money at all because I walked in and announced to the bar that Judy had just passed her test and was now a Master of Oceans! We got some drinks and shots bought for us. :) Anyway, Judy was planning on going to Key West tomorrow and asked me to go with her. Courtney is going to a big fancy expensive party in South Beach so she wont be here tomorrow. So....

I am going to Key West for my birthday!!!! I am so excited!!! Judy is so excited to. We can't believe the two of us are back together in the same place at the same time and on my birthday too!!! I wish I could express to y'all how happy I am to see Judy. She and I were the best of friends the whole time we lived in KW and we have really been through a lot together. Just a true friend and I am so lucky to have her! We are busy putting together a road trip mix right now for the drive down the keys! Another great thing about this trip is that it will give me and Mandy a chance to reconcile. Mandy is my old roommate and she was so mad at me when I moved away and still hasn't forgiven me but Judy talked to her and she thinks it's about time we made up. I think so too. I can't wait to see all my old friends and co-workers! Judy is staying with Mandy and I am staying with my old buddy Charlie! Charlie Nelson! That's my mom's maiden name, Nelson, so we always joked that we weren't allowed to kiss each other because it's possible we are related, he's from Texas too. :) We put the word out to the KW clan and everyone is meeting up at the Conch Farm for our big welcome home/birthday bash!

I am really looking forward to this. I had the worst birthday last year in Australia and I just know this one will more than make up for the bad one last time.

Courtney and I got invited to a yacht crew party tonight so of course we have to make an appearance. It's a party at a crew house so I will ultimately meet alot of other crew and captains and maybe make a good connection for work.

I met a friend of Courtney's last night who needs his house cleaned and he is a firefighter, so I'm gonna clean his house and then hopefully I will get to clean the other guy's houses to make cash while I am out of work! There's no shame in my game! I will do it. The only problem is, I don't know what to charge! Help!

Ok. Gotta go.



  1. Happy Birthday and have a great time in Key West

  2. What size house is it and how much do they want you to do. When I cleaned houses years ago I would charge 75 to 100. So you need to charge 100 and up.

    Have fun tonight and be safe. Have a good BIRTHDAY, love you

  3. Ya'll are going to have the best time. This will probably beat the time Judy had the whole town of KW at your surprise 21st Bday part.

    Pricing the cleaning job... how many bedrooms and baths. A house the size of ours usually goes for about $50-60 depending on how much crap they have to dust around. More crap = more money. Look at it first before you tell them the price!!! The goal is to be getting about $50 per hour. If it looks like a two hour job but you don't think they'll pay $100, then tell them up front you won't pick up dirty clothes (or toys.) And don't do a DEEP clean. Basic sweep, mop, dust, vac and bathrooms. You don't have to detail anything... detailing costs extra, just like mirrors and chrome and glass. Guys are the easiest to clean for... they'll pay anything to get it done before some hottie shows up. They are so easy to please. And tell them you want cash!

    You can make some course cash doing this... I used to.

  4. Did Charlie work on Fury with you? Is he the pot pie guy?

  5. Feliz cumpleanos! Hope you have a great time in KW, and make some new connections that will get you the job you want.

    In 1994 when I was really sick a friend came to my house with her partner and they basically cleaned one room -- the bedroom -- and charged me $75. It was somewhat dirty because I hadn't been out of bed in a month but still...! This was in Northern California. Amazing, because here in MX you pay a housekeeper $30/day!

    I hope also you and Mandy mend your differences. That would be a good Christmas present to you both, huh?

  6. Feliz Cumpleanos!!!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, you look like a monke... oh no, that's not what I meant to say, happy birthday dear slojolea, happy birthday to YOUUUUUUU!!!! Enjoy, have a blast and hugs to you!

  7. Like 1st mate said... pricing depends on where you are. Everything is cheaper in Texas, so you may get $100 for each house in Fla. What ever you do don't get trapped into laundry. Tell them you'll change the sheets IF they have clean sheets to put on the bed. Waiting on a washer and dryer eats up your time. Deneen and I could clean 4-5 houses a day. And in Houston we'd get about the same as what Nita quoted.

  8. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and advice! I am off to the keys!

    Mom, I don't remember what you are talking about! Pot pie!? I kinda think it might be Charlie but I cant remember! Charlie works on the parasail boat.

    No! Mike Hardy is the pot pie guy! LOL the one who said when he met you, "wow, I didn't know Jolea had a mom, I just thought she was spawned from Pat Benetar and MeatLoaf."

    :) Mike is married and has a baby now, lives somewhere in florida.

  9. Mike... Nelson... either name works for family. Yeah he was the guy who liked to sit back and watch you do all the work on Fury.

  10. "Seattle" HeatherDecember 20, 2008 at 3:37 PM

    Have a great Birthday Jolea!! It sounds like it is going to be fantastic!!

  11. Til hamingju með afmælið!!! Hope you had a great day!

  12. Happy Birthday Jolea. Have a good one and don't do anything I wouldn't do ;-)

  13. Don't drink up all the rum in the Keys, dangit. Kris and I will be there in T-minus 17 days and some hours and minutes and seconds.

    Okay, you drink all the rum, but leave us some sunshine. This flipping snow is killing me.