Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a bit! Being back in Key West is so awesome. When I got here and saw all my old friends and remembered just how cool it is to live here, I decided I didn't want to leave. :) I haven't heard anything from the lauderdale agents yet and when I got here someone said they heard the Jolly Rover needed crew. So, :) , I went right over and talked to the owner and he said the new captain would be there Friday and just wanted us to meet and then he said, "I think you can stop worrying about hunting for a job." :) So. I am back on the Schooners! I am a schooner bum!!!! LOL I am staying with my friend Charlie which is wonderful because he stays at his girlfriend's house every night!  So, today, along with running errands and returning random possessions to folks that lost them in Judy's car last night, I am cleaning Charlie's apartment.  He is pretty clean for a guy, for sure, but the bathroom needed some serious deep cleaning! He came home just a second ago in between parasail trips and I was on my hands and knees in the bathroom, he goes, "JOLES! WOW! It wasn't that bad was it???" haha, The guys here call me Joles for some reason. It's a South African thing that one SA guy called me 4 years ago and it stuck! I have to get back to sweeping and mopping, hardwoods in most of the place and his wakeboards need dusting. His parents are coming in to town tomorrow so I want to get it nice and clean. HAHA! "Who is Jolea? Oh she's my live-in maid"

I can't wait to get back to work. I have already lost some weight from all the walking around I have been doing! The new jeans I bought before I left Allen are already falling off of me. That's good because when I lived here before, I got fat. Not gonna go that route again. 


  1. Dont you ever just sit and chill? LOL,OMG,I am tired just reading along. Plz tell us more about the schooner.

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas


  2. "Seattle" HeatherDecember 24, 2008 at 3:12 PM

    Jolea! Am I reading this right? Are you employed? LOL Merry Christmas to you! Does this mean I can uncross my toes and fingers now? (please tell me yes) :-)~
    Yes I agree with Corrinne there tell us more!
    Hope you have a great Christmas! We're having a white one here! It's so cold! And did I mention white? LOL Best of luck girl! And congrats on the gig!

  3. YAHOO for you!! Merry Christmas! Enjoy it in Key West and at least you aren't freezing your tail off like all those people up North!! Whhhoooooo!

  4. Thank you Bajeezus! And Jesus too... We're all excited, we know how you love the Schoonies. I'll post a Merry Merry later tonite after we open the Chrissies. Oh look I'm speaking English....

    Stay away from the brewskis and you won't have to worry about those beer babies.

    Can you get your bike back?

  5. PS... have you noticed how guys don't care what their bathrooms look like? Just give them a hole in the ground to do their business in and they'll be happy.

  6. Excellent!! Good luck with the schooners.. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas even though you aren´t at home with ma and pa...