Friday, December 26, 2008

A wonderful Christmas Eve.

I had one. I was invited to the Cardenas family Christmas. Which was just amazing. Lilly and I met on Saturday and we just fell right into being best friends. Of course Judy introduced us LOL! Us girls have been terrorizing this town for the past week and It's been the best time. I feel so fortunate to have been invited to the Cardenas christmas eve. They are half cuban. I love cuban. The girls and I spent hours peeling hundreds of garlic cloves on Tuesday, so hungover that every once in a while one of us had to run to the bathroom and gag. It was for the pig marinade. I just want to tell you.... cuban christmas was amazing. We had pork, yellow rice, black beans, some kind of white rice bean mixture, plaintains, rolls, flan, rum cake, cafe cubano, mojitos and more rum....

Her whole family is so amazing. It made me miss mine so much!

Some really great things have been happening to me lately. I also had a horrible thing happen to me today.

I'm not going to talk about it in detail because I really don't want to relive it. Let's just say that someone who meant (means) so much to me lied flat out to me on my birthday about something you should never lie about. I am so sad about it. I tried to ride the bike down the street and see friends and forget about it but there was no one out. So I came home and called Charlie but he is with his girlfriend and can't listen to my crap right now.

pause. phone ringing

That was Charlie, he got my missed call and wanted to know what was wrong. I told him and he said "Ok Im coming home." but I told him I just wanted to go to sleep and chill out and not see anyone especially not a guy. He said he would see me tomorrow.

I have a big interview tomorrow.

Gotta hand wash some clothes.

It sucks that I only have one of my suitcases with me.

I have nothing to wear.

Judy just called. :)

Other than that, I had an amazing Christmas eve and day, saw people I hadn't seen in a long time and met folks I had never met.

Everything happens for a reason.



  1. Hmmmm, good luck with the interview.

  2. So, like, how did the interview go???

  3. Yeah, don't keep us waiting....

  4. ya must be working by now.
    Ha sounds like the your haven a blast. Cept the other thingybobdito ya didnt wana talk bout.