Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I had the WORST dream last night! It was so bad that it actually woke me up! I sat straight up in bed and gasped, jolted awake and it looked like I had been crying in my sleep! Terrible!

It was a dream about traveling. In the dream I was in Key West, present day, but it was like a terrible mixture of St. Thomas and Key West. I was staying at someone's house, actually, it was the house of Meg's mean boss in STT and there were other boat kids staying there too and for some reason his house was REALLY dusty, weird. I had just flown in the night before and it was early morning and my Mom showed up and told me we had to go catch our flight back to Texas. I was really upset because I hadn't even seen any of my old friends yet and we went off to the airport. Her flight was before mine so she left and I ditched my flight and walked to the main road. I rode the STT Safari bus down Truman St in KW over by where I used to live on Petronia St. And I got off the bus and set my backpack down to get my cell phone out when all of a sudden my backpack was gone! I screamed "oh noo nooooooooooooo! my bag!!!" and I ran over to where some guy was rummaging through a trash can where I found my LV wallet on the ground EMPTY! My passport, ID, credit cards, everything was gone. I saw my backpack on the sidewalk down the street and when I got there it was empty. My iPod, my journal, my COMPUTER!!! All gone. That's when I woke up.

What does this mean? Is is because I am finally taking a leap and going to Lauderdale and I am subconsciously terrified I wont find any work?


  1. No. It means that you are about to go on a trip and, like all good trippers, when you are tripping a deep subconscious part of your brain is constantly checking that you have your iPod, your computer, your tickets, your passport, your framed picture of Tillerman, your credit cards ... in fact all your valuables in your possession. Your dream was reminding your brain of how horrible it would be to lose all your stuff, so that in real life it won't lose all your stuff. Good news is that even in your dream your brain knew not to lose your framed picture of Tillerman.

  2. Na. It just means you like putting brands into your dreams.
    Evil roar.
    Love it.
    Siriusly though, it's the move. This kind of dream oft happens before big changes.
    My dream last night was horrid too. I dream that my darling dumped me. It was awful. I was running all over town trying to find him. I was so HAPPY when I woke up.

  3. A fave lyric from a song,
    'Why don't you trip like I do'.
    He he he he.

  4. Agree with the others, it´s all your fears that are manifesting themselves.. go for it - life is good.

  5. whew! I am exhausted from clicking links and emailing potential boats... i am ready to be there and get to it in person! It's gonna be great!

  6. That's all BULL SHIT, you just ate something bad before you went to bed. Something that will make your ass big and you knokw it.

  7. Haha thanks nita! I haven't been eating stuff that will make my ass big, and I haven't been eating after 7pm either! Trying to slim down... I am going to live with 2 models and a personal trainer... they are gonna look at me like "who let the fat ass into the apartment?!?!"

    I often have dreams where I wake up and am so happy that the dream isn't real.

  8. Ha ha you guys crack me up... I agree, it's the big trip... Thank you Tillerman you made her mom feel so much better....I'll make sure she has your picture safely packed away and I'll hang one in the bathroom after she leaves.

    She is watching what she eats... she wouldn't even share a slice of cheesecake with me last night. Then I forgot to eat it... maybe you need to have your elixir before 7pm Jolea. Please don't go off and leave all those pickles in the fridge.

  9. Putting brands in her dreams? Like iPod, LV, Tillerman?

  10. Yep - it's called worrying about all your important stuff before going on a trip.

    Hey - you were in one of my dreams last night! You were on a boat here in Mexico and we met. Only you barely talked to me for the first hour or so... Must have been worrying about your fancy schmancy stolen LV wallet or something...