Friday, January 9, 2009

Greg and Kris are on Island!!!

Just ran over to the Schooner Wharf to say hi to them before I get ready to go to work!!! So cool! They are coming sailing with me tonight if my boat doesn't fill up.

I got the care package from mom! Thanks for getting the contacts! Also, I love the chapsticks! :)

Mr. Ongiri....

I will post more when I get a chance.


  1. She made you a little face out of Wonderbread again? You lucky gal!

  2. No Heather it's the same one... the original... remember we reuse and recycle our onigiri... she brought it back from Seattle and I found it in her stuff.

    So if you found him I guess you found the camera thingy. I'm glad it got there.

    Hope ya'll have fun tonite and K & G get to go too.

  3. I can never read your post without thinking about my daughter. Care packages, chapstick, Grey's Anatomy, and Mexican food? I know you!

  4. HAHA! I love it! We had so much fun!