Monday, January 12, 2009

Some candid shots from KW

Cardenas Chrismas Pig

Me and Dennis reliving old times through a glass of beer at Finnigan's Wake

Me and Lilly on Christmas playing with the parasail boys and fake teeth.

Me driving the parasail boat, note Davey's face in the background, he is such a goofball!

Lilly poppin open a bottle of Champagne for Christmas Day mimosas at the marina.

Me and Zach on Christmas Eve.

Me and Lilly, with Zac on Chrismas Eve with our fake teeth in.

Me and "Man Meat" Chris.


  1. Me like the MAN MEAT

  2. That piece of man meat belongs to Lilly... :)

  3. "Seattle" HeatherJanuary 12, 2009 at 7:54 PM

    Love the pics Jolea! Keep um coming! :-) It's so beautiful down there!

  4. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Totally love the fake teeth, that's hilarious!

  5. You look so serious when you drive... you had that same look in the picture on the sea-legs. What are those Super Whites Fake Teeth? They sure aren't Bubba Teeth.

  6. They are just big funny teeth from the prank store, Aunt Suzie bought a 10 pack and everyone at the party was running around wearing them and just cracking up, so Lilly and I thought it would be best that we went out in public wearing them... I'm tellin ya, you can't even imagine the fun Lilly, Judy and I had.... We were like the three amigos...

    now they are both gone, and I have no girls in my life now!!! Just drag queens and boat boys.

    Bonnie, Yeah a friend sent me that! I would be really got at that job but I don't want to go back to Australia right now. I'm gonna pass.... :)

  7. It gets much colder where I am, I might be applying myself!

    (Frogma kayak smiley, patent pending, all rights reserved)