Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Working tonight... maybe?

If the weather holds out I will work the sunset on the Rover. I didn't get to work last night because the girl that they are trying to replace with me was working. Her one day shift. Chris should just fire her but he doesn't want to be mean. He cut her hours in the hopes that she gets the point. In other news... I have been waiting around for 3 weeks for this office job to start... I keep getting pushed to the side and one day they talk to me like "when you start" then the next day someone else says "when we make a decision on who to hire", I am so frustrated. I really thought I had this job locked down. If not it's going to be really hard for me to stay here. I have already reactivated my crew agent accounts. I will just get back to work finding a yacht. At least I am in Florida. The office job said they were really busy with end of year/first of year stuff, which I totally understand, but at the same time, they know I have no job, and this is key west, and I'm broke. So broke I can't even put minutes on my phone! Grrrrrrrrr! I fucking hate this!!!! Now that I know I have the potential to be financially secure and not worry about paying the next bill it really gets to me that I am sitting here jobless and broke.

Judy is in Thailand, her boat isn't sure if they are going east or west due to Pirates. Wow.

Oh my gosh I am still sweating. I just cleaned all the floors in the house. Sure wish I had a little shop vac to suck these cobwebs down from the corners and clean the window seals and baseboards. Old house, old dust. And it probably doesn't help that we leave the doors and windows open all the time and the leaves and dirt just blows in. It's so nice with the breeze blowing through though! There are no screens in this house.

Charlie leaves today for Isla Mujeres, Mexico. He is doing a sailboat delivery with Andrew and Ryan. ( I wanted to go.) It's a boy's adventure apparently.... They will eventually end up in Cancun and I will bet money I don't have that they didn't want a girl hanging around to ruin their fun.... even if it was me.

So, house to myself, no job, no girlfriends, I wonder who will keep me company. I should call Charlie's girlfriend and have her over because she is going to be lost without him. They are together 24/7. I do have a Nintendo Wii that I need to become an expert at. That's what I will do!

10:34am here on the island and I have been so productive already! I need to wash clothes though... that is an adventure because I have to load up my suitcase with my dirty clothes and soap and walk a few blocks to the laundry mat and then sit and wait for like 2 hours. Blah.

I think I will make myself an egg sandwich for brunch.

OH, the pic at the top is my friend Ivona Richmond! She's the one on the left.... :)


  1. "Seattle" HeatherJanuary 13, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    I say keep your eyes and ears open to any other possiblities!! And you're right, at least you're in Florida! The right thing will come along. And did you want to be stuck in an office?

  2. "Seattle" HeatherJanuary 13, 2009 at 5:11 PM

    I say keep your eyes and ears open to any other possiblities!! And you're right, at least you're in Florida! The right thing will come along. And did you want to be stuck in an office?

  3. Be careful with the Wii... on the news they are saying many people are complaining of throwing their shoulders out... Wii-itis.

    I wish I had advice for you, but you better than anyone knows what you need to do.

    You can always put one of Charlie's socks on the end of a mop handle and get those cobwebs. If the sock isn't too dirty just put it back in his drawer...haha.

  4. I think I hurt myself playing wii baseball with Evan yesterday! LOL No more Wii for a while...

  5. HEY! You went sailing on the Adirondack II? I used to work on the original Adirondack! I miss those boats!

  6. Oh really? Bonnie, do you know a guy named Joe? Cute, 20-something, he used to work on Adirondack too! I work with him on the Rover now.

  7. Oh dear. I don't remember him, I am going to be mortified if he remembers me. Everybody I worked with on that boat was pretty great, that's part of why I liked it so much.

    I was a part timer, started as a trainee in 2002 and finally said goodbye at the end of 2007. I'd work full weekend days & be on call on weeknights, like if it was a nice night & all the sudden the passenger list went from 15 (easy to handle with 2) up to more than 20 (the point at which they'd usually bring on another person). Finally had to give up the part-time job 'cause the full-time job was getting more & more demanding, the boyfriend came onto the scene and - would you believe that the 3rd reason I left the fastest schooner in NY Harbor was because I wanted to learn to sail a Sunfish?


  8. blah! That's preposterous! Sunfish.... I guess that's cool... I don't like little boats. I'm pretty sure Joe doesn't remember anything past a week ago so don't worry. :) Who was your captain? He talks about this guy something Singh?

  9. It was really all 3 reasons together. The one that makes me go "blah that's preposterous" is the day job expanding to the point where it was interfering with the schooner nights.

    I bet he started working after I left - "guy something Singh" would be Captain Aaron, who used to mostly work on the various boats down at the South Street Seaport Museum, but he was good friends with Captain Sarah, who handled a lot of the hiring, and I do think she'd mentioned that she'd managed to lure him into doing some sailing on the Adirondack the season after I left.

    Lots of captains at Classic Harbor - Sarah, Kat, Michelle, Peter, Greg & Barbara (now running the Spitfire in St. John full-time), Mary Pat, Teddy, Adam. Some names are evading me. Pretty good outfit. Joe's got to at least know Sarah.