Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holy crap.

What a day. Yesterday started out like any other... Me, hammock, MacBook, lovely view. Then I get a phone call from a local crew agent. She tells me to pack my bags I am on a charter for a week. Long story short, she sent me down there to the boat all ready to go and the boat had not agreed to hire me yet because they were either gonna hire me or a chef to help the current cook because the guest if very fancy and demanding. Needless to say they chose the chef and I am on my ass. I had to quit Limnos to take the job and now I am screwed. Well later in the day I got a call from my friend Jen who I worked with at the boat show this year and she tells me she has some work for me but not till the 11th of December. Damn. At least it's work. Now I have to find a way to make some cash till then!


  1. Can't you get your job at Linmos back?
    p.s You're always gonna be fine. Just chill and go back to the hammock and lie in the beautiful sun.

  2. Phew! It will all work out! You're going to do just fine! You're a boat chick. You rock.

  3. Do they have a Sunset Blvd on that god-forsaken island you are on?

    Kidding - don't listen to me.

  4. HEATHER! Shame on you!

    Offer to detail your landlord's side of the house.

  5. Oh, no, that is SO unfair.

    You are not having the luck you deserve - hang in there!