Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big Shout Out Time!

Tomorrow is Big Nasty's birthday! So in honor of him and everything he stands for, and my love for pickles, I want everyone to know about MANDINGO PICKLES!!!

I met Big Nasty through my ex-boyfriend early this year in Key West and found him quite entertaining. He and his buddies have started their own pickle company and I encourage everyone to head over and buy a few jars to give as Christmas presents this year! Support your local homegrown businesses and all around good guys!

Here is an entertaining article to give you a little background on the company as well. Enjoy!

Also, a little video for your viewing pleasure!



  1. Reminds me of when I made pickles this summer with my grandpa!

    Anyways Happy b-day dude! :)

  2. Everybody go buy some pickles! They are only like 4.95 a jar! Besides, Eric a.k.a. Big Nasty is a stand up guy and deserves a little love on his B-Day, after all, he is freezing his ass off in Michigan.