Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Morning Shit Show!!!

6am... CRASH!!! WTF???? I hear a glass break in the salon and walking around on deck. I feel the north swell. Great. I hear Hal cleaning up the glass which is fine with me because I know I secured everything before I went to bed so that means it was his glass that slid off the table. Ten minutes later he comes in the cabin to tell me that A. a glass broke, B. He kinda cleaned it up and brought me my flip flops to wear while I actually cleaned up the glass, and C. Someone stole our dingy while he was out partying on shore last night. F.M.L.

You gotta be shitting me. He borrowed a friend's dingy to get back to the boat but had to go to the police station and file a report. It was a really nice dingy. I wonder why he didn't lock it up. RIB about 12ft long. 15 hp.

OMG this swell is killer! The north swell came in at about 6am and just keeps getting bigger. I had to stuff towels in the cabinets to keep the bottles from rolling around. Damn this monohull. Oh did I mention it's not the boat I thought it was? Yeah its a 47ft monohull trawler. Blah. a

Anyway, I wish I could surf because today would be a great day for it. Not so much a good day for bobbing around on this mooring though.

Just got off the VHF with the coast guard. I swear they put new recruits on the radio because this kid sounded about 18 years old and had no idea what he was doing. We will never see that dingy again says Hal, but I have faith. The USCG has nothing better to do today than buzz around harbors looking for our dingy right? I bet it's in Red Hook St. Thomas. Anyone and everyone keep an eye out!


  1. You know I remember a few posts back you had mentioned Trawler... and I thought, hmmm? I thought she was on a Cat.

    That's too bad about the dingy, so do ya'll get to keep the borrowed one for the rest of the charter?

  2. Wow, First off scallops wrapped in bacon? Blueberry cheesecakes? Holley G's us, will you please stop posting food porn? Second talk to the locals about the dink. They already know where it is. The Coasties will never find it.

  3. Food porn...LOL...too funny. OOH Markitos makes a good point! And aren't YOU glad that dingy was stolen when the Captain had it and not you! Oh yeah...classic!

  4. Exactly what Hevver said. So now you will need to get up once everyone has gone to bed to make sure all the dishes are put away? Sounds like my life... except for the swells.