Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hal made a few calls to friends around the island and got a tip about the whereabouts of our dingy...

Supposedly it was on a beach in Jost Van Dyke. So off we went in the boat after telling our guests the info. And like true pirates, we found it and stole it back!!! All while the thief yelled and cussed us from the end of the dock! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So we have our dingy back. :)

We had breakfast at Jost, just some fresh baked croissants and cereal and fruit. Then I made personal pizzas for them and salad for lunch and they are taking me to dinner at the Last Resort tonight for my birthday. We decided to do it tonight instead of tomorrow because we will be in Virgin Gorda tomorrow and Hal wanted to have dinner at Last Resort which is close to Marina Cay, which is where we are now. (Guess it doesn't matter where I want to eat for my birthday) Remember Marina Cay Mom and Nita? We ate here when you guys came to visit. It is where we got those Pusser's rum enamel mugs.

I stubbed my toe on my door and ripped my toenail off this morning, then I stepped on a piece of glass and it's still in there. Great morning.

Now I am sitting at the bar soaking up the free wi-fi. And a rum punch of course. Hey, I don't have to cook tonight... no need to be sober.

Oh cool! My charter guest just found me at the bar and bought me a drink! HAHAHA! Score!

Ugh, one week down. One to go.... I can do this....


  1. bravo on fighting crime with crime.

  2. I wish I could have witnessed that whole episode of you guys stealing your own dingy back. That's so cool. That theif should no better to mess with you guys!

    Have a great night tonight! And have a great birthday tomorrow! :)

  3. Oh man, know exactly where that photo was taken from - one of our favorite spots on the planet. We usually stay there a few days after returning the charter boat, then take the water taxi to the airport. Great story on recovering the dinghy!

  4. Hey Thelma....Did you get to hi-jack the dingy or did Hal do it? What a great story for the Scots to take home!

    I knew that was Marina Cay the minute I saw it. I have a picture of that place from the other side of the bay on my computer at school. People always say "where is THAT?" when they see it.

    Mop up your galley floor with 4-5 fairly wet paper towels under your flip flop. And don't pick it (the glass in your foot) it will work it's way out.

    (I almost referred to you as Leverne before I typed that first comment about Thelma... tee hee Leverne and Shirley)

  5. That's a good question: I want to know too, who Hijacked it back? Or was it a team effort? LOL

  6. Happy Birthday Gypsy Pirate!

    Hope you have (had?) a great day and great year to come.

    BTW have been enjoying those warm sunny pictures from a freezing if Christmassy London

  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday!
    Oarsome how you got the boat back!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Did you guys smear war paint on like Navy Seals?