Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am such a mess sometimes!

Lilly and I carved a pumpkin last night and I burned the pumpkin seeds. It's ok though because we had a really nice time hanging out and spending some quality time together which was much needed! We drank rum and cokes and talked about our plans for the next year and we laughed about what a wild ride this year has been for the two of us! What an amazing year. Key West up and down the east coast ending up in the virgin islands! Crazy.

I will not be happy living away from boats and the water. That's all there is to it. I miss working on Schooners. I am applying with a few boats for the summer season somewhere up north. I would love to work on Liberty again. I got an email from the Schooner Manitou yesterday, they are hiring a deckhand and first mate. We will see how it goes...

As you all know, I change my mind faster than the tides so take this blog with a grain of salt, or sand, or a squeeze of lime and a shot of tequila...

I do miss Texas but I worry what I would do for work there. I wish I could work on a boat there!!!

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  1. From our (Dad and I) mouths to your ears. That's what we worry about when you say you want to come home to Texas. Just hang in there, start saving some money and be ready when you find something on the Texas coast. Aren't you glad we didn't stay in Wayne, Oklahoma when you were 2?