Thursday, December 31, 2009

Note to self...

If you have a problem with seeing people hanging... do NOT watch the movie The Happening, with Mark Whalberg. I flipped over to it on HBO a second ago and its about 30 mins into the movie and I had not heard anything about it, there I was, innocently enthralled in the building suspense of the scene, I thought it was like a monster movie or something like that and all of a sudden.... LIKE THERE ARE 10 PEOPLE HANGING FROM TREES AND ALL THESE LADDERS PROPPED UP LIKE THEY ALL KILLED THEMSELVES AT THE SAME TIME!!!! WTF IS THAT????? WHO MAKES A MOVIE SO MORBID??!?!?!!?! I screamed outloud and turned the channel. Great. Now I'm gonna have nightmares again. I really think I might have a touch of PTSD from earlier this year when Lilly and I saw her neighbor hanging in his backyard.

UGH!!!!! GRRRRR! I am so mad! I'm gonna punch M. Night Shyamalan in the head if I ever meet him. His movies are always scary and usually about monsters!

Lilly warned me the other day not to watch the movie with Angelina Jolie called Changeling, because she had a mild panic attack while watching it, kinda the same scene I think. What? Now we have to research all movies to make sure there are no hanging scenes?!?!?!? Whatever.

In other news, Happy New Year! Hope everyone stays safe and happy tonight. It's cold and windy here.

I am so ready to ship off!


  1. I've only seen parts of that movie and it was a little bit too much for my taste. Try walking it off by going to the beach if you can get there.

  2. its cold, rainy and windy. im going nowhere till tonight's party.

  3. M. Night Shamalongadingdong scares the bijeezus out of me. I guess your Dad hasn't heard about this one or we'd have seen it. I wouldn't doubt that you have PTSD... what you saw was traumatic. Maybe you need to find a Psychiatrist in a bar somewhere and ask them what to do about it. Just keep telling yourself, that guy didn't mean to traumatize you... he just wanted to end his life. Watch some Jim Carey for a while. Pet Detective... something really stupid, Dumb and Dumber.