Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have posted quite a few bloggy blogs today!

It's because I am bored in the fog at home. It rained all day, not only that, it was dense dense fog, like the clouds came down to the ocean. We never have fog. With my house on the mountain I never saw the sun. My clothes are still on the line outside dripping wet since 9am. They are just getting extra rinsed out. Our washer is outside and exposed to the salt air and whatnot so you have to get your clothes right out when the cycle stops or you get rust spots. Unfortunately today, my new white shorts were a casualty.

The cat kept finding a way into the house today and I kept kicking it out on the porch. I went into the bathroom earlier and there is a shelf right outside the window behind the toilet and all of a sudden MEEEEEEEAAAAOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! So loud it literally scared the piss out of me. I screamed and cursed it again and then it did that thing cats do when they know you are still there so they keep talking (short funny meows) to you till you come outside. I don't know what to do about that cat.

Ok, I have two of my favorite videos of the year to send you off to bed with a smile on your face..

David after Dentist:

Leprechaun in Alabama

"This here's my leprechaun flute, wards off spells..." LOL

Right now I am watching Oprah, yep, it comes on at 8pm here. This polo player she has on is making me want to start watching that sport....Nacho Figueras, whew!!!

Holy Argentina... Thank you! And Ladies, you're welcome for the gratuitous man meat portion of today's blog! ;)


  1. From the top....
    that cat is going to miss you.
    Someday that kid will grow up to hate video cameras just like your dad.
    Ok, the Leprechaun witnesses have just passed the Tornado witnesses in the stupid category. I loved the the guy having the individual party... nice teeth, don't you know he had breath to match.
    So glad you topped it with Polo yummyness... but Hevver still has you beat with our boy Matthew, in his all his near naked glory. This guy isn't too shabby if you like the tall, dark and Hispanic... which I do.

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