Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So this is winter?

It's so cold here. It's rainy and windy and like 70 degrees up here on the mountain! Of course I am trying to do laundry, we have a clothes washer but no dryer. Just a clothes line that I regularly "clothesline" myself on while drinking. It's pretty funny when it happens because I am usually the only one who is there to witness it and I just have to laugh at myself.

My friend Jan is in town on the Schooner Spirit of Massachusetts anchored over at the Beachcomber Hotel. The other day the captain invited me aboard and Jan made us all a lovely Polish New England boil for dinner. I got my hands dirty before dinner and helped them service some blocks because I can't stand to sit around and watch people work.

I can't do much else besides wait around to leave at this point. Trying to stay home and not spend the money I don't have. I really need to dye my hair. Gonna splurge on the 15 dollar box of hair dye at k-mart. lol. I love dying my own hair.

Nita and Mom will laugh at what just happened to me.... So there I was, minding my own business in my room, my door was shut but I had opened our door that leads to the "living room" porch because I am doing laundry like I said. Well, I heard a loud bang come from the living room and since it's windy I just ignored it. Then I heard something that sounded like walking in the hall way outside my room and a little sound like a grunt and my heart started racing! I drank a bit too much coffee already today so I was jitttery and immediately start imagining some creeper who came down the road and was now in my kitchen drinking my leftover coffee. Then another sound I couldn't place, I can't tell if its the upstairs elephant walking neighbors or inside my house. So I start looking for weapons to defend myself in an attack. I just so happened to have a sharp knife by my bed and an empty vodka bottle for cracking skulls. Haha, I am a paranoid wreck, but we have had some robberies and murders in the area and I wasn't about to be dead before I start my new job. So I turn off my fan and tv and sit in the silence for a while trying to hear the terrifying human breathing outside my door (I was sure someone was out there) when all of a sudden a car pulls up and a man in a National Parks truck pulled up at the end of my drive way and gets out to check some guage thingy he had and I thought, hell, he will hear the intruder scream when I stab him and come to help me, so I position myself in front of my door and karate kick the damn thing open like a crazy person and..... you should have seen that damn cat fly down the hall when the door hit it in the ass!!!! LOL THAT FUCKING CAT WAS MAKING ALL THE NOISE. He came inside and knocked something off the counter in the kitchen then came down and sat outside my door because he is lonely and could hear me in my room. I screamed and hollered at that damn thing for five minutes then checked the house and porch to be sure... :) (MOM AND NITA, remember the KILLER NICKEL!!!???) I just really shouldn't be left alone at home.

Whew, now I have calmed down and am having another cup of coffee.

THIS YEAR'S VIDEO MASH UP... so so so so so awesome!!!


  1. I'm laughing so hard right now because with living by myself in the woods, I have totally been there girl. LOL OMG I'm glad you're okay and it was just that cat. :)

  2. That was great, I needed that laugh today. Poor cat he just wanted to be your friend.

  3. That little bastard is lucky he didn't get smacked with a vodka bottle.

  4. ROFLMAO, that nickle was loaded like a .22g! And now the cat is wishing he were too, after shooting across the hall. Poor baby.... It's a comeback cat like the one we encountered at Aunt Mary's when we were kids. Love that video, get's me in the dancing mood.