Saturday, January 2, 2010

Three more days...

Counting down and getting more excited. Tomorrow morning Lilly and I will be sipping bottomless mimosas at Molly Malone's in Red Hook for my going away party day. It's the only day she has off and she wants to spend it with me (surprise) I only hope we can go a whole day with me being sniped from a rooftop...

In other news, I talked to my good friend John G, whom I have known since I lived in KW the first time back when I was 21. He used to work on the Appledore and then on the Liberty Clipper up until this season when the whole crew got fired after the new owners took over. He moved from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale in hopes of finding work. Three months later, still no job. Then last week the new owner of the Clipper called him up and begged him to come back to work. The boat is doing term charters in the Bahamas for the season and the owner really needs someone on board who has experience and knows what they are doing. That is definitely John. Past crew are giving him a hard time about "selling out" and going back to the company that fired our friends. I told him to tell them to STFU because you have to do what's best for you! They are just angry about being fired and probably jealous you are working on the boat we all loved so much. The crew has since scattered to the four winds, one ended up in Ecuador, others in Maine, Michigan, Delaware, Mass, and other places in between. Quite a few are still looking for work. He flies out tomorrow to meet them in Nassau. Congrats John!

Now that my trip is fast approaching I thought I would post this link, HERE it's the link to the Amistad's site, the page that has live positioning of the boat. That way you can see where we are in the world.

I am looking forward to visiting Norfolk and I hope I have a day off where I can go up to Baltimore and visit my old capt. Ryan Healy. He has been such a good friend to me for so long and is always my number one reference on my resume. He and his nurse/roller derby girlfriend are a hoot and I hope I get a chance to visit with them before we leave.

Laura is in the white on the left with the black and yellow helmet... yeah, I don't mess with her... She is a R.N. and her derby name is Reckless Ndangerment... lol

OMG AND GONGRATS to my long time friend Mayra Cortez in TX, she just had a baby! lol look at that little thing!
Carmen Sofia welcome to the world!


  1. What a precious baby... looks just like her momma when she was wrapped in a sleeping bag in a tent in our back yard.

  2. greetings from frozen norfolk. this afternoon we stumbled onto amistad behind battleship wisconsin/nauticus. are you joining the ship there?