Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bored on the inside!

This evening has been a normal evening by any definition. But I have learned a few things. Number one, I don't like living in this hotel room while my apt. gets fixed. I don't know if I told yall or not but on tuesday of last week I was awoken (is that a word?) by plumbers wanting to knock my bathroom wall out to replace century old copper plumbing. They are still not done, and I have been living in room 12 since they started. Room 12 is lovely, 2 double beds, a bathroom a shower, mini fridge, microwave, tv with entertainment center and a desk! But what has been bothering me is, the space. There is too much. Its a big room and there is alot of open air! I miss my little house, where there is only room for my futon, a chair and my barstools. It is so cozy. I don't think I could ever learn to live BIG again. Small is cool. When you live in a small space you learn to love it. You only buy things you love instead of things to fill up the space. I went to the grocery store last night and bought a little food and when I stopped by my little casa to put the food in the fridge I realized how much I missed it. I miss my blue and brown walls, that I so painstakingly plastered and fixed and painted and repainted after the waterfall incident of 2008. I worked so hard. Those plumbers knocked a huge hole in my shower wall, they laid outside pvc plumbing over my art. They are supposed to come tomorrow and fix the wall so I can move back in. I will have to spend all day cleaning up because they jackhammered through the wall and there is a layer of dust on everything I own. I am venting. I'm sorry but damn. It's one thing after another. You know what? I should be counting my blessings, I am lucky that this is the worst thing going on in my life. I should delete this. lsadjflkdjsglkhdghsadlkglksdfals!!!!! Damn. I just want to go back to my little casa. Tomorrow is the big Memorial day party here at V.O. and it's a potluck! Should I cook something? All I have is frozen chicken breast and red beans and rice. Can I mix those together? Maybe grill up the chicken and slice it and toss it with the red beans and rice... hmmm.... That would mean waking up early and cooking instead of waking up early and running... we shall see. In other news, I bought 3 movies the day I bought the new shoes. Don Juan de Marco, Captain Ron, and Fried Green Tomatoes. Note to self: don't watch Fried Green Tomatoes when you have even the hint of sadness in you, even sober! Which I was. I watched it last night and cried and cried and cried like my best friend died when Mary-Louise Parker's character passed away. OH my! I'm surprised Dwayne didn't hear me in room 11! I think I need to do some yoga. OH yeah! Mom please bring the Yoga Booty Ballet when you come, that would be great! I sure hope - I have no idea what I was going to say there. I was in a daze. Ok gotta go! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your day!

That is the floorplan of my tiny hacienda! I love it. you may have to click on the question mark to see the page.


  1. OMG! I thought they were those sneakers with rollers in them at first. I sooo want a pair of sneaker rollers but they only make them for frigging kids.
    Imagine how quickly you could bar hop in a pair of roller sneakers.

  2. No Maria, they have 'Heelies' for adults!!!!

  3. I almost forgot.... ELMO GOT NEW SHOES!

  4. Hey you two,
    Sorry about my recent catagory 5 sadcaine.
    I'm happy to be alive and will soon be loving life like I used to.
    I hate that man.
    But I love my friends.

  5. Where's Jolea?
    I bet she's with that Mango dude.

  6. She kicked Mango to the curb, he was a bit too clingy. I think she's back to working the 12 hour days and crashes as soon as she gets home at nite.