Sunday, May 25, 2008


So, yesterday I went back to work after my long paid vacation, and it was a great day! Made big money and had fun with my capt. and crew. I wish all people knew how to tip properly on a boat. These people did. Awesome. So I came home knowing I didn't have to work today and I didn't even go out! I have been de-toxing for the past 4 days and I really can't tell if I feel better or worse. All I know is I am saving money. I did however spend 90 bucks on something I really needed. Shoes. Yeah I haven't worn a pair of actual running shoes with laces or any shoes other than flip flops and crocs in almost a year. I decided to buy some awesome nike shox and I want to find a gym that teaches boxing! I took a boxing class in Australia and it nearly killed me but I am in way better shape than I was there so I want to try it again. I really love punching things. And I have a lot of pent up frustration I need to take out on something other than a bottle of rum. Besides all that, I love my life! I woke up whenever I felt like it today and put my swim suit on, walked fifteen steps straight into the pool. I floated on a raft for an hour or so in the hot sun and felt invigorated! Went downstairs and chatted with Jill and Doug for a while then went to my room and watched a little of Silence of the Lambs while eating a big dill pickle. My afternoon snack. Oh yeah somewhere in there I had lunch, a slimfast. I feel like I am alot more active these days but the weight is not coming off anymore. So I am going running/jogging/walking/possibly passing out this afternoon. I have these cool new shoes so I better use them! Now I am lounging on the pool deck listening to the waves crash on the shore. Just saw a coconut fall out of a tree, sure glad I wasn't walking under it. You know that you are more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head that in a car crash in the Caribbean? Seems true. I have been thinking about my so called love life. I don't go out with the guys that ask me for millions of reasons, the other one is simple. IM FREAKING ANGRY! I don't ever talk about the stupid asshole that hurt my feelings this year because I'm trying to pretend it never happened! He freaking left the island, nay the country and didn't even say goodbye!!!! Guess that shows me just how much he cared and more importantly what a fing liar he is! HE WENT TO ENGLAND!!!! I'm telling you, as soon as I found out he was home schooled I should have run the other way. CRAZY PEOPLE!!!! I don't want to give anyone else the chance to hurt me. Not worth it. And now I'm sad because I feel like I never see my friends. Or rather they don't ever call or want to hang out. Thats what really hurts. I call and they don't call back. I feel like a big loser. I understand we are all so busy in our island lives but for fuchs sake, when your friend calls you, call them back. I heard this horrible story once about this girl calling her friend and leaving a message just to chat and the girl didn't call back and the next morning they found the friend dead! She killed herself and left a note that said "I wish you would have called sooner." BAAAAAHHHHHH! THATS SCARY! So I always call my friends back because you never know what's going on in their lives. I'm not saying I would do that at all you all know me better than that I'm just saying people don't appreciate friendship. I made cheese dip! I also bought some ruffles potato chips and for dinner tonight I am having a ham sandwich with mustard and cheese dip just like I used to at home. I can't wait. (random!) In other news, I finally brushed my hair. I think I let it go for a week this time, I had a dreadlock. It was so hard to get untangled I contemplated just dreading my hair. This guy named Spicoli said he would do it for me if I needed help. The thing is, my hair is constantly getting tangled, I am in the wind on the boat all day and unless I wear it in a bun (lame granny style) it becomes one big dread at the end of the day, and I just get in the shower when I get home and wash it and go to bed. I don't brush it out or anything. Maybe I'm lazy. Someone somewhere in the world is contemplating politics and agendas, here I am contemplating the pros and cons of letting my hair dreadlock. You don't want this life! :)

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