Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chill work day...

My big project today is.... laundry. 
I'm chillin here waiting on crew linens and blankies to wash and dry. Which means I have 5 mins of work then 55 mins of sitting around. I did clean the apartment this morning which took about an hour. I don't mind doing things like that because the guys work hard all day and after all, I'm just sitting here. They are very clean compared to other crew and roommates I have had in the past. I mean it. They are all so nice and respectful and don't leave their stuff laying about or dirty dishes on tables or in the sink. Phillip actually did all of our dishes after diner last night! Thanks Phillip! Today Justin made a fabulous lunch of Tilapia (chicken for me and him) and little cubed roasted seasoned potatoes and baby bok choy! We watched the travel channel while he cooked and then drove over to the yard to have lunch with everyone and now I am back at the apartment doing laundry again! This will last all day, but tomorrow I will be back in the yard to order our new crew uniforms! 

In other news, today is that last day of nice weather in the foreseeable future. It's been like 78-80 degrees in the "heat" of the day and in the 50's at night, which I have found is perfect for leaving the window open while sleeping. The weather has been just beautiful. Tomorrow we take a turn for the worse. Highs only up to 60 and I don't even want to think about the lows. 

Justin and I have decided to go to the Toadies concert downtown on friday night! I am so excited, I can't wait to see the Pike Street Market which is where the clubs and bars and brewpubs and live music venues are. The Toadies are an awesome band from the 90's that we used to cover when I was in a band in high school. The Toadies are also from Texas! We are planning on heading downtown early in the evening on friday so we can grab a bite to eat before the show and I will be sure to take a lot of pictures!  

You guys be good and have fun wherever you are! 
p.s. I can't believe no one has commented on "the scoot"!!!


  1. Fun! You just learned how to fold sheets! How awesome is that??? Not really, sounds like you will have a fun weekend.

  2. I can't see stuff like Scoot cos my flashplayer ain't working.
    I just use my imagination and guess what it's about.

  3. It's really not a bad dance... not one of those 'look at me I'm a dork' dances.