Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome to the Alkai Open!

This is the first mate Andre "the pitbull", and deckhand Phillip "chitlins" who is drinking PBR out of a plastic bag... He is getting ready to commentate... 

Getting ready....
Andre serves,
Phillip holds the "mic" and commentates....
Justin "the bulldog" plays ball boy,
I take pictures of the sidewalk art,

Phillip explains Pabst Blue Ribbon to Andre who is from Russia...
Justin takes a swing...
Those mountains are in Canada!


  1. i took those sunset pics tonight.... awesome

  2. I'm surprised you could hold the camera still with all the boozing you guys have been doing.

    Envious in the East

  3. She probably hired someone to hold the camera for her.

  4. Anyone who drinks beer from Old Homeless Man bottles that large can either drink beer really fast or likes his beer the way I do... Rodeo Warm. I think I like this guy...

  5. Haha! He bought me one too, he said only the commentators were allowed to drink PBR 40's. Everybody else had to drink highlife cans.

  6. Eek - all work, work, work and no play. Oops, I think I got that backwards. Must have been that stuff I was drinking out of a brown paper bag...
    H A V E F U N !!!

  7. Mom, Phillip says, " can drink beer really fast, and i like it warm, your mom is gonna love me."