Monday, October 20, 2008

cleaning out the closet!

Found my Burton gloves that I bought like 5 years ago when I worked at Sun and Ski Sports in Houston. I bought them with my employee discount, and I also bought snowboard pants and a snowboard jacket and snowboard boots and goggles. To this day I have yet to use any of it. I moved to the islands soon after! Ugh. Since then I have given my snowboard boots and Oakley goggles away to my ex-best friend Laurie. But I still have the pants, and gloves and I take that back, I always wear that jacket. It's a really nice jacket. I found this piratey hat and my fat hippie headband my friend Jess in Australia gave me. I am getting rid of all my old formal dresses, all but my prom dress. That dress is one of a kind and I refuse to give it up. I am trying to keep myself busy. I think I will go empty the dishwasher....


  1. They look like great gloves. I need some gloves for skiing this year. Oh, and new goggles/glasses.
    Otherwise I'm set with my $70 fisherman's gear.
    He eh he.
    Great pics of your trip. It's cool to see what Texas looks like. Love the old one-horse towns.

  2. They are great gloves. They have removable liners and a squeegee for your goggles on the thumb. genius.

  3. Ok, but we want to see pics of your prom dress.