Monday, October 20, 2008

Tomorrow is another day!

Tomorrow at 10am I have an interview with someone at the Deep Powder House in Alta, Utah. I am super excited about it but I am trying not to be because I have had a run of bad luck with jobs and I don't want to be disappointed. But if you know anything about me, you'd know that I can't NOT get excited. I have far too much faith in myself for someone who doesn't keep a job for more than 6 months at a time. Hell, sounds like seasonal work is right up my alley!
I have been thinking alot about how DIFFERENT life would be on the mountain compared to the island. Thinking about the weather, well, not so much the weather but the COLD. I have been sweating my ass off for about 5 years, avoiding winter at all costs, chasing the endless summer. I feel like it might be good for me to "chill out" for a few months, slow down, try something new, reflect, play the guitar more, meet new people, get out and see some scenery. While I was in Seattle, you could see Mt. Rainer from the boat yard I worked at. But only on certain days when it was clear enough to see that far. Every day that I could see it, I spent my breaks sitting on the rail by the river bank staring at the mountain. It really is amazing, our country, the beauty we take for granted. I guess when I was a kid when we went on ski trips I didn't really pay attention to the beauty around me, I was usually plugged in to my walkman singing at the top of my lungs while everyone else in the suburban suffered.
Have you ever woken up, thrown the curtains back only to see pure, perfect snowflakes falling on pristine white drifts of snow? I haven't. But I want to. Now, if this whole thing falls through tomorrow and I don't end up getting the job we can just put this blog in the "pipe dreams" folder ok? But just for today... let me dream.

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