Monday, November 17, 2008

OH blah.

I am so frustrated. I haven't heard from any of the boats that said they were interested in me. (Haha! At least it's boats and not guys!) I got a couple of nibbles on the bait this morning from other crew sites so maybe that will pan out. I even have Heather on Meerkat acting as my crew agent in La Paz. Sounds so exotic! (Thanks for asking Heather! I should print out some flyers with my resume and picture on it and you can post them around the marina! I could pay you in peanut butter.)

Anywhooooo, I went by the little shop that needed part time help and she had already hired someone. Oh well, I wasn't meant to work here. I have wicked heartburn and no motivation. I did buy some presents for upcoming birthdays and such. Nothing big, just fun stuff that will most definitely bring a smile to the faces of two very awesome ladies.

In other news, I lost my keychain. Not that it had any keys on it that still worked but it did have my caribeaner on it. And I can't have keys on a chain without a caribeaner or I will lose them. Oh wait. Whatever. I lost them in the shuffle of moving like 3 times in a month. Is that how you spell caribeaner?

I was a caribbeaner once....

So, I think I might call the guy that I interviewed with on Wednesday this afternoon just to touch base with him and let him know I am still interested. Why the hell do we have to capitalize weekday names? Grrrr.

One of the nibbles I got today was from a 108ft M/Y based in St. Pete, Florida. Sounds lame. The owner only uses it on the weekends. Sounds like that Australia job and I hated that shit. So, I will be declining that job. Also the dude only wants to pay 2800 a month for a deck/stew/chef!!! HAHAHA HE IS OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND! I will tell him no one in their right mind would do it for less than 4000 a month and see what he says... tee heee. It's true though.

I am a picky bitch. But if you had been in as many shitty boat situations as I have you would be picky too.


And, I keep having dreams that I can't distinguish from reality. Like I dream about everyday occurrences like cooking or talking on the phone. I had a dream last night that I talked to Justin on Avalon and he said they had decided not to hire me. So I woke up all sad and depressed and it seriously took me an hour to realize I had not talked to him. I'm losing it.

But .... I was really relieved when I realized I hadn't talked to him so that was good.


  1. I dunno, I think 2800 sounds like a good deal but I'm not up on the usual paypackets for this kind of job.
    Especially if you are only really working on the weekends.

  2. Right.
    Time to pluck a few chin hairs......

  3. haha! you better pluck em!
    Nah, 2800 is low,it's a live aboard position and you are still working every day and washing the boat every other day and cleaning the interior every day. It doesn't seem like much but that is a BIG boat to take care of for one person.

  4. HAHAHA O.E. I TOTALLY thought of you when she said that! HAHAHAHA!

  5. I dreamed I had a knitting needle up my nose, one of those double point, long with a nylon cord in the middle... and when I finally was able to grab the pointy tip and pull it out, I could breathe better... I must have been sleeping with a stuffy nose and it miraculously cleared up.

  6. Hey I tried yesterday! I'm thinking they thought I was looking for a job though... Should I go mention the Seattle boat that you were on? Would they remember any of the crew?
    They haven't stopped washing and wiping that thing yet. It's just a stupid 156' little blue boat - what's the big deal anyway?

  7. They wouldnt know us except as the losers who sing gum songs... they were always too busy wiping that silly blue boat to talk to us... stuck up! haha

  8. Jomamma
    That dream is so gross. I will never be able to look at those needles you sent me again without recalling your dream.